Latest System changes in test

Updates October ??th 2018

  • Ensure generated fixtures have zero time (ie midnight).
  • Make time in edit fixtures and fixture lists a link to fixture edit.
  • If there is a time after the date when loading fixtures from file then set it.
  • If fixtures generated with no dates then when setting a date, default to
  • Add PDF link to the league table from event.
  • Make team name a mandatory field then adding a new team.
  • A date may be supplied for each game in individual event.
  • Show teams on event player stats
  • don't report a violoation for missing results in individual events.
  • Show opponent and colour on individual event standings.
  • Round up the average grade so that it correctly reflects what will happen if an average grading limit is exceeded in a match.
  • Bug fix - example API javascript function in help.
  • Bug fix - help organisation setup file not showing from help menu.
  • Rename Admin/Refresh Grades to Local Grades as it doesn't refresh any more.
  • Bug fix - error when sorting the locally graded players report.
  • When adding a new event, restict the season to active or new seasons.
  • When viewing a player details, clarify the purpose of the club setting.
  • Add link to getting started help from front page.
  • As postponed link removed when viewing match card. Fixtures should now be marked postponed via the Edit tab.
  • Put date into PDF / XL match card.