Players that differ from the ECF grading list

First NameLast NameECF CodeWarningsName DifferenceDOB DifferenceSex DifferenceNew Club
PhilipWright3 Crewe (7CRE)
AndrewBarker2893031 Fenton (2ANG)
MatthewCarr2667852 **** Cheddleton & Leek (2CHE)
Jacob DCartlidge2758941 Cheddleton & Leek (2CHE)
Alex JCartlidge2771781 Cheddleton & Leek (2CHE)
Ian BChester1862791 Holmes Chapel (7HCP)
Suzy GCooke1781061 Cheddleton & Leek (2CHE)
Julian NHawthorne2925921 Newcastle-under-Lyme (3NEW)
JamesMarshall2998521 Crewe (7CRE)
Alastair JMottram-Epson2953541 Cheddleton & Leek (2CHE)
IvanPrikazchikov2970491 Newcastle-under-Lyme (3NEW)